Sunday, January 4, 2009

So, Now What??

I've been so busy doing...well...a lot of things and a lot of nothing. How is that? The days go by quickly enough that there's no time to get everything done, yet slowly enough that I find myself wishing them away at times?? I'm trying desperately to motivate myself, I have lists of things that I need to do, want to do...personally, business wise, home, family etc...each of these lists have at least 5 things on them that I want done, like, tomorrow, and well, being the procrastinator that I am, we all know how these lists will work out for me, right? LOL. Can I employ a swift-kick-in-the-asser?? You know, someone who will randomly kick me quick and hard in the ass (yeah baby) when I'm draggin', or making excuses for why I'm not doing this just yet?? They'd have to be ok with that exact job title, however:).

To start, I need to do the following, we'll keep it business to start:
  1. List in my new-ish Artfire shop and promote it like crazy, I'm hoping big for this baby!
  2. List daily in my 2 shops on Etsy and
  3. KEEP THIS BLOG UPDATED!!! Decide if I want to go back to featuring etsians, hosting giveaways etc...
  4. Keep a closer eye on the new CPSIA stuff...make sure I understand, and see if this 4th thing on my list is going to cancel out the first 3 things on my list as I will not be able to afford to conform...((sigh))
  5. Develop a realistic work schedule around my home and family...*dreaming*

Any and all input is greatly appreciated of course!! Any swift-kick-in-the-assers out there feel free to shoot me one...God knows I need it!!

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cardwear said...

When you find a good S.K.I.T.A., send him/her my way too! :)


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