Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another Sweet Set

Hard at work last night, and here are the results. I think I'm going to start doing more sets with a solid top and print accents. I really like how this one turned out. The nursery rhyme themed toille print is so sweet, featuring all of our favorite nursery rhymes, Jack and Jill, Mary with her Little Lamb, Hey Diddle Diddle, Mother Goose, even Black Bird Pie...and more. I'll be offering this one later today and it will include all 3 pieces, cute eh?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ring Around the Rosie...Ruffles Around Me!

So, I loved the first ruffle dress so much that I couldn't resist doing another, and so here she is...blue toned toille fabric with great scenery, kids playing ring around the rosie, fishing from a dock, windmills, rolling plains and more, I love it paired up with the blue gingham full of ruffles and tied around the neck with a ribbon, simple finish to this extraordinary dress:) Thanks for checking her out, she'll be available on http://AmybugsOriginalStyle.etsy.com soon!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Last night I worked my butt off on this dress. I've been wanting to do something with ruffles and girliness to an extreme for a while, but have put it off due to my desire for quick projects, instant results. But finally, last night I cut several strips of fabric and decided tonight is the night, I will draw something up and make it into ruffles, and well, here she is...in all of her girly frilly glory...she's pretty fabu, right? I love that the ruffles are on the front only, and the back is super full with the elastic gather and extra fabric. I also think the colors turned out great together, I like how the brown cuts through all of the sugary sweetness. Thanks for peekin' in:)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

All the New things...

My creation
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Check out lots of new stuff (and a coupla faves) coming soon, or already there!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Coming soon to LayetteOnMeBaby

Originally uploaded by amybugsoriginalstyles
So, I'm branching out a bit. Last night I spent many hours cutting up paper into squares and rectangles and creating a template, then moved on to cutting out squares, strips, rectagles of fabrics, all flannels, most of the fabrics have been used to make pants for sweet little girls like Andrea, Katelynn, Abby, and Ayla. I have all of this left over fabric from the orders, too small for anything, except making a QUILT! OMG...it was fun, not nearly as tedious as I thought it would be, and so yeah, here is a little sneak peek of what I finished with. Perfect? No, but cute and off to a good confident start:) The back is lined with sooo soft pink fleece, it's light weight, yet super warm! I even blanket stitched the seams, and it was the perfect way to finish off this quilt. I likey...hope you do too!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy-ish Birthday to ME!!

So, tomorrow is my birthday, I'll be 29. In another year I'll no longer be a twenty-something, although that seems impending, it's actually surprising. I really am surprised by how quickly the years have gone by. Yes, they've flown, yes, the kids helped rush the years on by without much notice at my own years passing, but be that as it may, I'm surprised by the fact that I'm surprised. Like I didn't even know that it was happening all this time, years just passing, though logically I know that's precisely what's happening...what a twist and turn in my mind...Lemme see if I can list something personally important for each year that I've been alive...this should be interesting:
1980...well, obviously, I was born
1981...My brother, Chad, was born (not that I actually remember)
1982...I have a vague remembrance of the weeping willow in our backyard that we lived in only until 1983 when we moved to a different house.
1983...We got new furniture, and I remember the delivery guys carrying the couch in with me on it...no pictures of this, my mom doesn't even remember it, but I do, LOL!
1984...I dressed as the wicked witch of the west for preschool Halloween party, won the contest, and can still recognize the scent of my preschool teacher's perfume...though I don't recall her name or face.
1985...Made my first best friend, Stephanie, after being made fun of for riding my bike with my feet up through mud puddles...my poor brother got his toe cut off...interesting story, you should ask about it some time:)
1986...Taught to tie a square knot after convincing my 1st grade teacher that if i went home without the square knot my mom would be very angry
1987...oh, this is a good one...unknowingly got 3 of my friends swatted at school for saying "suck my vagina"...imagine my teacher's surprise when i told her i didn't want to play with them because of what they were saying...LMAO!!!
1988...Started a lifelong friendship with Danielle, whose family quickly became a 2nd family to me.
1989...Landed a solo singing part in the musical Steamboatin'. LOL!!! Again, Chad gets hurt when he's hit by a car and takes a helicopter ride to the hospital.
1990...Got my first visit from "Aunt Flow" what a bitch! In a swimming suit on family vacation at Rough River in Kentucky...*eye roll* my Grandma made me sleep on a trash bag atop her white carpet in lieu of a bed that night. NICE.
1991...My first boyfriend, Jason, awe, thought I was all grown up, in love and on my way to marriage. Also, 1991 holds the best summer ever! LOL
1992...Entered junior high...wow!
1993...Holds lots of other "firsts" as well as my first organized dance...a homecoming dance with a high schooler...first fist fight...hmmm...I could go on forever.
1994...High School begins...oh the memories Cahokia Senior High School holds!
1995...My first seriously hard heartbreak with said high schooler from 1993 and the start of 3 great friendships with Erica, Chuck and Lexie...the 3 of them held my life together that year!
1996...Sweet 16...I get my drivers license, but never got to drive, LOL...and met Gus at my first job...Wendy's, he had no idea what he was getting himself into! Got Baptised.
1997...On a break with Gus, started dating various other people, some greater than others...had way too much fun doing things I knew better than to do!
1998...Graduated High School and Started College at Illinois College
1999...Came home from college for the summer, rekindled things with Gus, started working for A. G. Edwards and never went back to IC
2000...Pregnant with Katelynn, moved into our first apartment and got married! Gave birth to my 1st beautiful baby girl, Katelynn Angela.
2001...Built a house and moved on in and I became an aunt twice!
2002...Promoted to Assistant supervisor at A.G.Edwards...woo hoo
2003...Decided to leave my job and be a full time SAHM to my Katelynn
2004...Tried to become St. Louis's favorite Karaoke rock star, became pregnant with Andrea...yes, these things go hand in hand! LOL...Became an aunt again! (Chad's a busy guy!)
2005...Gave birth to my 2nd daughter, Andrea Rae...and became an Aunt AGAIN! (brother-in-law this time) Katelynn starts preschool
2006...Gus becomes a police officer...my little girl starts elementary school...awe! My parents divorce after almost 26 years of marriage.
2007...Became a God Mother to Natalie May...had my nose done...opened up shop on Etsy:) I get a new baby Brother, Joey. Other joyous times, and severe disappointment alike.
2008...Etsy...Etsy...Etsy. I'm sure lots of other things happened in 2008, like a new walk with God...made lots of new friends through both.
2009...what will this year add to my life?? I'm sure I'll be surprised! And I can't wait whatever it may be:)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Items, Show Them LOVE

I have several recent additions to my shops on Etsy and Artfire. I've been trying to list daily, and have been creating new things to keep my shop looking fresh. I'd love to hear what you think about them:)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sneak Peek...A Little Peek of What's to Come...

Tomorrow morning I plan on listing a new little something in my shop. I've made similar dresses in the past, and sold them on Ebay, but this time I will be listing it on Etsy and Artfire...so I'm excited and wanted to share my excitement:) Please tell me what you think, hopefully I'll be making these like crazy over the next few weeks as my paypal account is beginning to get thirsty again:) LOL!!

Here I Sit...

eating a honey bun and Doritos...off to a good start, eh? *off to grab a Mountain Dew*

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I Cleaned All Day

And still have so much more to do. But, hey, it's a start, right? I've decided in order to get my sh!t in order, I have to clean the bones first, so today I started doing that. I cleaned out from underneath all of my furniture, and the hall closet. This is a major feat considering my 2 daughters apparently are nothing without me and didn't know what to do without my direction. My living room is now completely clean, skeleton and all and rearranged (for impact) and my husband, God bless his heart, came home and didn't even notice! WHAT???? I said, do you like the furniture, and he's like "what's different"? ((sigh)) why do I even bother??

Monday, January 5, 2009

Introducing the Skirt, the obvious addtition

I know, I know, I should have skirts in my shop. I know! I've made them 1000 times, ok, not quite, but I've made lots for my little girls, and little girls of friends, and even me, but have never sold them, don't know why, just haven't. Recently, I've had requests for them, and have made a few on request, and have decided to go ahead and add some to my shop, can't hurt, right?
Tell me what you think:)


Sunday, January 4, 2009

So, Now What??

I've been so busy doing...well...a lot of things and a lot of nothing. How is that? The days go by quickly enough that there's no time to get everything done, yet slowly enough that I find myself wishing them away at times?? I'm trying desperately to motivate myself, I have lists of things that I need to do, want to do...personally, business wise, home, family etc...each of these lists have at least 5 things on them that I want done, like, tomorrow, and well, being the procrastinator that I am, we all know how these lists will work out for me, right? LOL. Can I employ a swift-kick-in-the-asser?? You know, someone who will randomly kick me quick and hard in the ass (yeah baby) when I'm draggin', or making excuses for why I'm not doing this just yet?? They'd have to be ok with that exact job title, however:).

To start, I need to do the following, we'll keep it business to start:
  1. List in my new-ish Artfire shop http://layetteonmebaby.artfire.com/ and promote it like crazy, I'm hoping big for this baby!
  2. List daily in my 2 shops on Etsy http://layetteonmebaby.etsy.com/ and http://amybugsoriginalstyle.etsy.com/
  3. KEEP THIS BLOG UPDATED!!! Decide if I want to go back to featuring etsians, hosting giveaways etc...
  4. Keep a closer eye on the new CPSIA stuff...make sure I understand, and see if this 4th thing on my list is going to cancel out the first 3 things on my list as I will not be able to afford to conform...((sigh))
  5. Develop a realistic work schedule around my home and family...*dreaming*

Any and all input is greatly appreciated of course!! Any swift-kick-in-the-assers out there feel free to shoot me one...God knows I need it!!


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