Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I Cleaned All Day

And still have so much more to do. But, hey, it's a start, right? I've decided in order to get my sh!t in order, I have to clean the bones first, so today I started doing that. I cleaned out from underneath all of my furniture, and the hall closet. This is a major feat considering my 2 daughters apparently are nothing without me and didn't know what to do without my direction. My living room is now completely clean, skeleton and all and rearranged (for impact) and my husband, God bless his heart, came home and didn't even notice! WHAT???? I said, do you like the furniture, and he's like "what's different"? ((sigh)) why do I even bother??


60-60 said...

a funny post, i can't stop laughing! you are working so hard and your hubby don't even notice!
usually my hubby will not say a word until i ask, he will say " i don't want to get you too excited about cleaing!" dang!

Amy said...

LMAO!!!! I appreciate you...


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