Monday, January 12, 2009

Coming soon to LayetteOnMeBaby

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So, I'm branching out a bit. Last night I spent many hours cutting up paper into squares and rectangles and creating a template, then moved on to cutting out squares, strips, rectagles of fabrics, all flannels, most of the fabrics have been used to make pants for sweet little girls like Andrea, Katelynn, Abby, and Ayla. I have all of this left over fabric from the orders, too small for anything, except making a QUILT! was fun, not nearly as tedious as I thought it would be, and so yeah, here is a little sneak peek of what I finished with. Perfect? No, but cute and off to a good confident start:) The back is lined with sooo soft pink fleece, it's light weight, yet super warm! I even blanket stitched the seams, and it was the perfect way to finish off this quilt. I likey...hope you do too!!!


Cynthia said...

Oh man, you are torturing me! All of your items are just so cute! I really must find a way to get some more spending $$$ to splurge on my little girl!

Amy said...

Look at you!

april said...

Sew cute! How cheesy am I?

Amy said...

I tagged you! YOU'RE IT!!!!

twiddlestix said...

That is just so adorable! Love it!


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