Friday, September 5, 2008

And the WINNER is......*Drumroll*

ANASTASIA!!! is the winner of my first giveaway, which is funny because I can't tell you how many times she screamed "I WANT TO WINNNNN".

So CONGRATULATIONS Anastasia!! You're the "weeener"!


Winner chosen using

Thanks to all who participated, and Anastasia, watch your mail, you're gonna love what's coming your way!!!


Rev Jeanene said...

Rigged! Rigged!


Congrats, Anastasia!

mattscraftywife said...

Woohoooo I can't believe I won! :) Thank you Amy, and THANK YOU! LOL

cofygirl said...

AWE! C'mon!!!!! *glares at anastasia* LOL Kidding! So happy you won hon!

Charsbeads4u said...

I am thrilled that Anastasia (aka MattsCraftyWife) Won!!!! =)
Anastasia is one of the most kind and loving people I've met in my life!
I can't tell you how many times she's convo'd me and just made my day, by saying something that the Lord uses to bless my heart!
I'm so happy that you were blessed by Amy! Way to go!
In His Peace

Amy said...

I know what you did anastasia....glaring

Jawan said...

Thanks for your comment, Amy. I appreciate your encouragement.'re the first person to view my new blog and comment. I just emailed my family about the blog and they haven't even looked at it yet.

I have another blog that I've kept since 2005. I usually post more family oriented stuff there, along with crafts, recipes, and frugal finds.

Jawan said...

Meant to include that blog address:

Jawan said...

One more thing...I just subscribed to your feed. I love your work! What talent!


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